MyMedicare – What is it?

The government has recently announced the introduction of My Medicare, a new voluntary patient registration system. Under this system, patients will need to formally register with a General Practice to maximise their entitlements under Medicare. While the details are still emerging, we wanted to ensure you are aware of the potential implications and how it may affect your healthcare experience. 

As these changes are introduced in stages, it is important to be prepared and stay informed. The introduction of voluntary patient registration means that you will need to choose your preferred Practice. This choice will enable you to access the maximum benefits available under the new Medicare framework. It is worth noting that voluntary registration does not restrict you from using other Practices, but it is likely that future government funding for patients will be tied to their registered Practice. 

To ensure you are ready to act when the time comes, we recommend that you select the Practice you wish to be registered with. 

It’s possible that Practices may be oversubscribed when the time comes to register. Using your chosen Practice for the majority, or all, of your medical care from now is advisable as it may give you priority for registration if and when voluntary registration becomes oversubscribed. 

MyMedicare registration will not prevent you from accessing care from other practices and health care providers.

We understand that these changes may create a sense of concern. With a national shortage of General Practitioners, it is possible that not all patients will be able to register with their Practice of choice immediately. 

However, rest assured that we are committed to providing high-quality medical care and ensuring that all our regular patients (those that attend here for all their General Practice care) receive the attention and support they need. 

At Pear Tree Family Practice and Little Pears we will be closely monitoring the evolving situation and providing you with regular updates as more information becomes available. Please continue to follow us on Facebook, visit our website, and stay subscribed to our email newsletters. By doing so, you will stay informed about the latest developments and be prepared for any actions that may be necessary. 

Thank you for your trust and understanding. We have started discussions about how the Practice will approach voluntary patient registration and will keep you updated about our preparations. 

Soon you will be able to register for MyMedicare on your Medicare Online Account or the Express Plus Medicare mobile application. More information to come as we receive more updates.

Stay well and stay connected! 

P.S. Remember to regularly visit our website and follow us on Facebook to receive timely updates and guidance regarding the new Medicare changes. Your proactive engagement will ensure a smooth transition and continued access to quality medical care. As more information becomes available, we will keep you informed about the registration process. Be ready to take action and get registered when the time comes. Your choice of Practice for your medical care will be important, as it may provide priority for registration if voluntary registration becomes oversubscribed. 

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