Preventative health screening ​

Prevention is better than cure.  Your GP can ensure that you are up to date with recommended health screenings to pick up any issues early, so they can be managed well.

Cervical screening

Cervical screening (previously known as a PAP smear) is recommended for those with a cervix aged 25-74 years. Cervical screening checks for HPV, which can cause cervical cancer.  Picked up early, this can be managed. Check with your GP at your next appointment to ensure you are up to date. 

Mammographic screening

Mammographic screening at BreastScreen SA for breast cancer is recommended to detect early breast cancer for those aged 50-74 years of age.  You may choose to attend screening from the age of 40 years.  If you have symptoms of breast cancer (lump, skin/nipple changes) please see your GP urgently for review.  If you are concerned or have a family history of breast cancer, discuss this with your GP to determine the best screening for your situation.

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