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Dr Aaron Hayek is a Consultant Paediatrician specialising in children’s health at all ages – from newborns to adolescents.  He is passionate about helping families with concerns that range from common questions to managing and co-ordinating complex and chronic conditions.  He aims to liaise closely with other paediatric services, sub-specialists and other health professionals to foster a team approach in his care for his patients.  He places a priority on communication with parents and encourages active involvement by his older patients during consultations.

He graduated from the University of New South Wales, with Honours, in 2003, and trained further in the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network. Dr Hayek has been a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians since 2014.  He was a Consultant VMO (Visiting Medical Officer) in the neonatal and maternity units of St. George Private Hospital and Hurstville Private Hospital, and had a busy practice in Kogarah, Sydney, NSW until April 2021 when he relocated, with his family to Adelaide. He has worked in private practice since arriving in Adelaide, and has intermittently worked in the Women’s and Children’s Hospital as Senior Consultant in both the Emergency Department and the Department of General Medicine.

Dr Hayek’s special interests include:

  • Infant sleep and feeding difficulties, including assessment of colic, reflux, and other gastrointestinal disorders. He has extensive experience in the acute management of neonates, and the health care of graduates of special care nurseries and neonatal intensive care units.
  • Growth concerns, including slow growth in infancy, and issues regarding stature and puberty.
  • Developmental and behavioural concerns at all ages, including challenging behaviours, developmental concerns, anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, learning difficulties, hearing loss and language difficulties. He served as head of department of the Hearing Support Service at Sydney Children’s hospital, and conducted research into the diagnostic process for Autism Spectrum Disorder at the Developmental Assessment Unit of Sydney Children’s Hospital. He is recognised as an Autism diagnostician with Autism SA.
  • Detailed assessment, advice and monitoring of medical conditions, including asthma, constipation, eczema, sleep disorders, headache, allergy, frequent infections, etc.
  • Chronic & complex care, ensuring coordinated care, between multiple health professionals including GPs, other specialists, and allied health professionals.
  • Teaching of other health professionals and volunteer work. Dr Hayek has lectured and tutored in Cambodia as a part of volunteer work and has co-ordinated paediatric teaching at University of New South Wales and Sydney Children’s Hospital in his previous role as Academic Fellow and Conjoint Associate Lecturer.​​


Fees from 01/07/2024

Pediatric Initial Consultation
$464 – Medicare rebate $148.35 = out of pocket cost $279.65

Pediatric Review
$232 – Medicare rebate $74.20 = out of pocket $139.80

Pediatric Telehealth Review
$107 – Medicare rebate $42.30 = out of pocket cost $61.15

Pediatric Video Review
$284 – Medicare rebate $129.95 = out of pocket cost $139.80


ASD Assessment

If you are wishing to see Dr Aaron for an ASD diagnosis, the appointments will usually follow this pattern below. Please note: Dr Aaron may need to work alongside another provider to be able to give out a formal ASD diagnosis, depending on the age of your child.


Initial appointment

If a formal ASD diagnosis is indicated, you may be required to book an appointment with a second provider for the first half of your child’s ASD assessment. This will usually be a Speech Pathologist or Occupational Therapist. This can be discussed in the initial appointment with Dr Aaron, but this is up to you to organise. Dr Aaron and the second provider will work together to prepare a formal diagnosis. The cost for this is $464 with a rebate from Medicare of $148.35.

If your child is under 6 years of age, Dr Aaron can conduct this other section of the diagnosis himself. This requires a second hour long appointment.


Subsequent appointment

Once this first stage is complete, you will then be booked in for another 1 hour appointment with Dr. Aaron. This appointment is where the diagnosis and formal report (if applicable) will be finalised. It will incur a cost of $580 with a rebate of $259.40 from Medicare.

If you need ongoing appointments for management and follow up these will then be arranged at the standard consultation fees.

Please note: For all Medicare Rebate amounts listed above; if you have reached the Medicare Safety Net Threshold, you will receive more back than what is listed. You can check what your safety net threshold is and if reached, via the Express Plus Medicare app.



If you are seeing Dr Aaron about an ADHD diagnosis or treatment the appointments usually follow this pattern.  While waiting to see him here is some other information about ADHD that may be helpful (Link to ADHD information below on paediatrics page)

Two appointments as part of work up for diagnosis and starting medication, if appropriate.


Initial appointment

Dr Aaron will take a history, rule out other medical conditions that can look like ADHD as well as discussed other conditions or diagnosis that your child may have as well or instead of ADHD.

After this appointment the paediatrician will give you some questionnaires to complete for your child’s teacher and parents.  Your child may need some bloods or other investigations.


Second appointment – 2 weeks later

Dr Aaron will discuss the scales, diagnosis and management.  If you are looking at medication for ADHD in addition to behavioural approaches, then Dr Aaron will discuss options at this appointment as well as complete any paperwork required and school letters.


Two week review

If your child is started on medication, Dr Aaron will arrange a review 2 weeks later, via telehealth or face to face.  At this appointment he will review how your child is managing with medication for ADHD.  PBS criteria requires this to be a short acting form of the stimulants first. Sometimes children require an extra dose at lunch time or change to long-acting doses of the medication.


Eight week review

This appointment is face to face.  Medication can cause difficulty maintaining appetite and so your child’s weight will be review as well as a check on their blood pressure.


Ongoing appointments

If your GP is willing to prescribe the ADHD medication, then you would need to see them for a repeat script in 6 months and review with Dr Aaron each year.   If you see a GP at Little Pears you won’t require an authority from Drugs of Dependence Unit.  If your child’s regular GP is at another practice, Dr Aaron will organise the authority for you to see them.


Frequently asked questions
I have seen a psychologist who has diagnosed me with ADHD.  Why do I need to see the paediatrician twice?  I just want a script for medication.

There are many other conditions that can look a lot like ADHD but have different treatments.  Paediatricians use the first appointment to make sure that your child doesn’t have any of these as well as ensure there are no medical factors that may cause your child to have an abnormal heart rhythm or other side effects from medication.


ADHD – additional information

There can sometimes be a wait to get into a paediatrician for diagnosis and management.  This can be frustrating as you want to help your child in the meantime.  Many symptoms are also better managed with behavioural approaches and options other than medication.

Here are some suggestions of what you can discuss with your GP first to see if it is appropriate for your child

  • Focus on the child’s strengths to build self confidence
  • Reward and focus on positive behaviour
  • Management of sleep problems
  • Utilise checklists for getting ready in the morning and for regular activities
  • Hearing and vision check
  • Talk to the classroom teacher around ways to limit distractions in the classroom eg sit at the front, clear instructions, minimal equipment on the desk. This sheet can provide additional ideas for your child’s teacher:


  • Consider the Triple P parenting online course for tips and tricks to help your family and child cope. This is free and can be accessed here:

Happier, healthier, less stressed kids & families | Triple P (triplep-parenting.net.au)

  • Consider What’s the Buzz program
  • Consider an occupational therapy assessment to investigate sensory processing issues.
  • Consider psychology assessment for cognitive assessment to determine if academic expectations for the child are appropriate
  • Consider psychological or counsellor supports for issues of mood, anxiety or stress. Your child may be eligible for a mental health care plan for this.

Information is available via the Raising Children Network.




Medical Interests

Dr Hayek’s special interests include:

  • Infant sleep and feeding difficulties
  • Growth concerns
  • Developmental and behavioral concerns
  • Detailed assessment
  • Chronic & complex care
  • Teaching of other health  professionals and volunteer work
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