Chickenpox vaccination– are you up to date?

Chickenpox or varicella is the result of a highly contagious primary infection caused by the varicella-zoster virus.

In young children, it is a very mild virus causing a rash and skin lesions. It is more severe in adults, particularly pregnant women, those with a reduced immune system, and newborn babies.

Vaccination against chickenpox was first introduced on the Australian National Immunisation Program in 2005. This is a single dose combined with the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMRV) vaccination.

The current recommendations for varicella vaccination are two doses with a minimal interval of four weeks between doses. However, a second dose is not included on the National Immunisation Program.

The effectiveness of one dose of varicella vaccination in children is 80-85% against developing any disease. Current evidence shows that two doses has a significantly higher protection and effectiveness of 98.3%.

This second dose will provide more protection and minimise the risk of breakthrough varicella to the child.

We can provide vaccinations for chicken pox privately at approximately $70 at Little Pears and Pear Tree Family Practice. 

We source and transport our vaccines under strict accreditation standards, providing assurance they have been appropriately stored to maintain the cold chain and the vaccine potency. 

Alternatively, your regular GP is happy to provide a prescription for you in an appointment if you wish to source it independently.

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